I started Peter K Photography as a company in Montreal, dedicated to wedding photography. As my business grew, past couples and new clients kept inquiring about family portraits & baptism pictures. As a result, I decided to dedicate Sessions by Peter K specifically to cater to  family portraits, baptisms and events.

For the same reasons that my love of wedding photography grew, so has my enjoyment to be involved in family photography. I love getting a glimpse of a family’s life when they come to me and allow me the honour to capture moments that are most precious to them. I take pleasure in the small, little nuances of a family’s everyday life. You know, those moments that you are not always aware of. I believe these to be the essence of a family; and this is what they’re going to remember; “The little things”. Capturing these moments have become my true passion as a photographer. I believe they should be frozen in time, to be cherished for generations to come. Whether it’s capturing the look of complete and utter bliss on the bride’s face during her first dance or the glimmer of sweet, pure innocence of a child during a family session, these are the moments that drive me.

I take great pleasure in the happiness I can give to my clients when they see the finished product. It’s another satisfying aspect of being the photographer that I am. I take every day moments and create timeless memories for my clients. Getting photographed should be the easiest thing in the world. Just show up and be you. This is what I strive for, to make my clients ecstatic with their final images, and completely relaxed with their experience.