It’s natural to still have some questions before contacting us to schedule your session. Below are our most Frequently Asked Questions.

How much are your photography services? Cutting straight to the point?  Clients typically plan to invest between $495-$1000 for their family photography session.

Is there anything I have to bring to my session? Physically, no. Just yourself, and you willingness to let down the walls that can keep me from capturing your beautiful family. Come prepared to have fun, to laugh and to smile. We know how silly it can feel to be in front of the camera sometimes, but if you let me, we can take the awkwardness out of the moment so that you’ll remember nothing but fun.

What Can I Expect: Be prepared for roughly three hours of photo play. It’ll be very relaxed, no posing or holding your breath. Capturing the moment is the most enjoyable part of my job. But I shouldn’t be the only one having fun! This time is about you and your family; and it’s important for me to make sure the family is enjoying themselves too. For young children, we can play and sing songs, play games, maybe even chase – at Sessions with Peter K, we’ll make sure everyone enjoys the photo session.

Can pets be included in the pictures? If they’re a part of your family, absolutely! These photos are yours and I want them to include every member of your family, big or little, fur and all.

Do you have a studio? I get asked this a lot. The very simple answer is no. What makes Sessions by Peter K unique is that I come to you, or meet you at an outdoor location you and your family love. Weather permitting; I’m perfectly fine with even doing a combination of indoor and outdoor.

How Many Pictures Do I Get? Between 35-50 professionally and personally edited digital proofs via an online gallery. You’ll be able to order classic prints, museum canvases, or digital files for continuous sharing and print options later.

What If Kids Don’t Cooperate? Kids can be camera shy, no matter how much attention they crave beforehand. It’s not uncommon for children and family members to find the cameraman a little intimidating. This is a challenge that I have lots of experience with. Still, you can help ease your children’s tension and anxiety about the photo shoot by talking to them about it before hand. It is not a stressful time. Let your children have fun and open to the idea of the camera on their own. If you can build up the excitement before hand, this can get your little ones looking forward to the occasion. When I arrive, just relax. If you’re dressed and ready for a regular day, then you’re ready for the photo shoot. Leave your worries aside, and enjoy the moment. I will take the pictures and give you fantastic memories to share.

What Should I Wear? This is a very common question. I understand it’s important for you to look your best, and I want you to be completely satisfied with your photos. For this reason, I suggest that if you have an outdoor setting for your photos don’t wear white. It can be very distracting and too bright in pictures. Aside from that, the choice is yours! It’s okay to get creative and be unique. These photos are yours and yours alone.

What Should We Do? Whatever you and your family do best. What does your family do best together? Do you love the pool? Do you like to make things together? It’s okay to get messy during these shots. That’s life, and it’s incredible. In addition to standard portraits, we like to capture the family in their natural habitat, doing what they love to do best. If you’re not quite sure what to do, that’s fine too. This photo shoot should not be a stressful event.

How long does it take until we can see all of our family images? I take a great deal of pride in thoroughly editing, processing, and fine tuning your images. Your password protected gallery will be available within four weeks after our session. Good things come to those who wait! :)

What do you use for Equipment? I’m a firm believer that having the right tools for the trade make all the difference, especially in professional photography.  I use professional Nikon cameras with professional lenses and flash units. Here is a link to the gear I’m currently using.

Why is photography so expensive? When you hire a photographer to capture that occasion or special event, you’re paying for more than someone to simply come and snap shots. A professional photographer will do more than just take pictures, but they’ll capture memories that will recount the entire story, the before, after, and in between. The images you receive will be artistic and expressive, telling your story that will last generations. When you hire a photographer, you’re purchasing photographic art from a professional that has spent countless hours and time building their skills so that they could provide you with the upmost quality in their work. As I’m sure you know by now, not all photographers are created equal!

Why should I hire you? Photography is more than just a living for me. I love my job, the people I meet, and the memories I create. I’m also passionate about the customer service I provide, the satisfaction of my clients with my work. When I’m at a session, I strive to capture moments and images that you will love forever; I also focus on giving you the direction and care you need throughout the entire process, even to the final production of the prints which includes custom photo books, albums, and other photographic products. I do this because I’m dedicated to making sure that the session is an absolute success, fun and enjoyable for everyone.

We definitely want to book you! What’s the next step? Sweet! I can’t wait to meet you and your family To officially book me, you will need to sign a photography agreement and pay a $250 non-refundable retainer. As soon as those 2 things are in, you’re BOOKED! YAY! 

I have a question not listed here or need more clarification.  Feel free to contact me and I will be happy to help you!