How many times do you surface from your hectic schedule, look around and realize that your family is evolving right in front of you? We all have moments like these and you’re likely reading this now because you’ve had one or several of these moments lately. Sometimes it’s because your brother got married, or your sister had a baby or your mom just got a new haircut, whatever the reason, you’ve realized that your family is changing faster then you’re documenting it.

Regular family photos remind you to pause and preserve the present moment. Since change seems to be the one constant in life, you can be sure that no two family portraits will be the same. Family portrait photographers are specially trained to capture the essence of your unique family so when you look back on your portraits, you see the personalities of your loved ones, not unnatural poses. A family portrait photographer can offer so much more than regular photographs of your family, they provide an experience that your family can enjoy together. After all, any event that brings your family together is worthy of becoming a tradition, isn’t it?

Sessions by Peter K uses a photojournalistic approach for family sessions, which is similar to how we would shoot a wedding. We focus on capturing intimate and candid moments, which is a lot of fun for us and your family. We want to spend time with your family and let your kids get comfortable around us so we can catch those little moments. When everyone in your family feels like they can be themselves during a photography session, the memories transcend into photographs and become memories. We include a mix of modern portraiture so you have a good amount of photos with everyone looking at the camera.

We also try to keep the amount of portraits we do relatively small because we want to focus on each and every family. We doesn’t just show up and snap a few pictures, we come over to play and we don’t mind getting dirty if it will result in outstanding pictures. We’ve found that the times when kids are distracted and not thinking about having their picture taken are the best conditions for catching your kid, just being a kid.

Having your family photographs taken should be an enjoyable and memorable experience, and we put just as much care and effort into the process as we do for the results.  Sessions by Peter K offers modern child & family portraits in Montreal and surrounding areas.

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